First Grade Favorite Fruit Project

The teacher asked the students to bring in their favorite fruit for “Fruit Day.” Students then worked in pairs to think of adjectives to describe the fruit. They also talked about how fruit was part of the food groups and reviewed the daily recommendations for fruit (link).

The teacher reviewed advertising tactics and techniques to get people to want to buy the fruit. Children were particularly interested in the sales promotion techniques such as “buy 1, get one free.” The children brought a variety of fruit to class.


Teacher Feedback: “We brainstormed different adjectives and whatnot, they got to describe their favorite fruit and some of them are pretty cute. Like, a couple of the kids really got the idea, like to use the adjectives, but a lot of them focused on the, “Buy one get one free.” They had fun, but I had to stop them because I was like, “All right, we have other stuff we have to do.”