Kindergarten “Grocery Store Unit & Field Trip”

This was a four-week unit that integrated math, health & nutrition, advertising literacy, art and language arts. The teacher received a small grant to be able to set up a small grocery store in the classroom. Students learned “how to shop” including buying healthy “Myplate” items, examining food packages, and figuring out money with a cash register. The class then took a field trip to a local grocery store where they received behind-the-scene views of sections of the store including the butcher /meat counter and the bakery. They examined packages, scanned the food and learned about food and marketing.


Teacher feedback: “The students enjoyed the whole experience of how a grocery store works. And we talk about – we go down the cereal aisle and talk about the cereal that has a lot of colors and the cereal that is brown. And in kindergarten, that’s a perfect way to explain it – that you should be eating the brown cereal.”