Making Media Ads

Ad Library

These print advertisements were created with fictitious brands for you to use in the classroom. Most of them feature ‘healthier food’ options. They show various common advertising tactics and techniques and other aspects of advertising literacy (target audience) and common core principles (opinion, fact). There are also some advertisements with blank spaces for the children to write in their own headlines or advertising copy (words).

Click on the small image to access a larger jpg image that you can download. If you have any questions, please email Professor Michelle Nelson at

Scientific Study Claim                                         Comparison Claima) scientific study claim- english                              b) comparison claim- english


Vitamin Claim +Hyperbole:                            Vitamin Claim/Nutrition

“Victory Orange”                                                    Claim-Fantana Banana

c) victoryorange-eng rev                              d) Fantana Banana-English-rev

Taste Fruit & Vegetable Claim:                 MyPlate-Fruit and Veg

Ruby’s Fruit Museum                                     Nutritione) ruby's fruit museum- english-rev                                    f) my plate-rev

Friendship Claim: Abby’s                        Exaggeration-Randy’s Grapesg) abbys-english-rev                        h) exaggeration claim

Protein (Nutrition)-Myplate                Grains (Nutrition) – Myplatei) protein- english                                           j) grains- english

Carrots- Informative Claim               Metaphor-Testimonial-Puffery Adk) carries carrots-informative english                        l&t) taste metaphor- testimonial-puffery

Target audience: Parents                            Target audience: Childrenm) parent as target audience ad                                  n) kid as target audience ad

Unhealthy food ad – Garner                    Unhealthy food ad – Zombie

Your Inner Couch Potato                          Character

o) unhealthy food ad                                      p) unhealthy food ad zombie character

Gender ad – vegetables                    “magic ingredients” – Tutti Fruittiq) gender- english                           r) taste metaphor- magic ingredients english

Value- Coupon                                                        Opinion Claims                                   s) taste metaphor- value english                                   u) F6 Juice-English - opinions

Looks like movie poster ad                             Ads with Blank Spacesv) eatplaylove-english - looks like a movie poster not an ad tactic                                     2blank

Ads with Blank Spaces                                      Ads with Blank Spaces4 nutrion health claim blank                                      18(2)blank