Waukegan Pilot Nutrition and Advertising Curriculum-May 2014

Pilot Curriculum (Nutriton & Advertising Literacy)

In May 2014, we partnered with third grade classes in the Waukegan School District. Six lessons were made available to the teachers to incorporate nutrition information (based on my plate) and advertising literacy principles in core subject materials such as math and language arts. Results of research show that those students who received at least three of the lessons from the curriculum significantly improved their knowledge of foods in food groups and of advertising literacy principles compared with those students who did not receive the materials. Students enjoyed making and talking about advertising.

Here are the four advertising literacy lessons. There are suggested verbatim lesson plans and powerpoint materials. Please note that real advertising examples were used. If your school does not allow real advertisements, you can find fictitious ads on this website or here.

Lessons 1 and 2 focused on nutrition information, including the food groups, recommended daily exercise guidelines, information on how to read nutrition facts labels, etc.

Lessons 3-6 introduced the main concepts of advertising literacy within the context of nutrition. Students analyzed, evaluated, and created advertising as part of their lessons.

Teacher Packet

Student Packet

Lesson 3 (word doc + pdf version)

Lesson 4 (word doc + pdf version)

Lesson 5 (word doc + pdf version)

Lesson 6 (word doc + pdf version)